Welcome to a learning experience about Homelessness!

Welcome to the Homelessness in Savannah Advocacy!

This Advocacy, led by Marvin Heery, seeks to bring hope to the hopeless through an innovative housing first model while ministering to the needs of Savannah’s homeless & bringing awareness, compassion & hope to the need for ending of homelessness in our community.

We’ve recently added a “What We Do” page to our website & would like to ask that those of you who are interested please check that out!


Read a recent story about our efforts to bring the Faith Community together to address homelessness in Savannah!

As well, we are actively seeking donations to support our work for the Lord & describe on the What We Do page & an expanded Donations page how we are seeking this support!

Thanks for your consideration & please also Pray for this Ministry & the work we are feeling called by the Lord to pursue for our homeless, this community & the broader goal of advancing His kingdom!

Please take a look at our Projects page to see what we’re up to & read on here to get an overview of this Advocacy, its History, Mission, purpose & passions!

If you have any questions, concerns or issues please contact Marvin Heery by email or phone (912.659.0696, mobile)

Our Main effort is around Housing First Savannah, check out its Blog too!

This blog is here for the primary purpose of advocacy & the sharing of meaningful information, generating community & support for the homeless in Savannah, GA.

If you’re looking for the “Forgotten Me” poem, written by Steven Ware, that Tom Barton wrote about on the Editorial Page of the Savannah Morning News on Dec, 25, 2010 please click on the links here to see the poem & the editorial in full.

Much has happened over the couple of years that we have been doing this Advocacy! We have found that the impact of this image resonates with us as we seek to get the community engaged in solutions to ending chronic homelessness in Savannah.

The path we are presently on to engage with the faith community & the traditional service provider segment, standing in the gap between those who work every day to end homelessness & those who can bring new & different solutions to the table is a rewarding place to be.

With recent changes in the landscape of the relationships in the community around homelessness we see an opportunity & the vision has become focused on social entrepreneurial (probably thru the creation of L3C and / or B-Corp entities) efforts to end chronic homelessness by creating (short term) more housing inventory that we will be presenting soon in a great bit of detail.

So stay tuned! The rest of this post remains here for those who desire to see from where we have come & the path we have taken to get here!

We hope to accomplish that through holding events that we will promote separately (Our 10-10-10 World Homeless Day event is on Facebook – please check our Events Page for current information on projects we are doing as well as projects we have done) as well as writing stories from the heart, based on Christian (Christ-like, love-based) principles.

It is hoped that we will be able to generate an understanding, a sense of compassion & a serious series of writings that will humble all of us & make us feel the pain & then enable a sense of hope that  we can all make a difference to someone or their family as they deal with their experience of homelessness.

Please take a few moments to read our updated statement of support for a true inter-faith approach to our efforts – after being asked about our focus on a “Christian response” to homelessness we refined our statements to be inclusive of all religions.

We would also like to include Atheists who may want to engage on the issues of homelessness. Their support as a caring people is welcome. We apologize that the Peace Brochure doesn’t directly reference Atheism but we understand that the individual who is an Atheist as well as any organized group of Atheists would be appropriate to be involved in our advocacy, education or collaboration around the issues that relate to their group. Often a homeless person is or becomes an Atheist when or if they feel as if a God they may have thought they previously knew has deserted them, they may become aloof to religion & feel the “practice” of Atheism or a non-engagement in any organized religion may be appropriate to their situation, however, a love for them can still be expressed in the actions that are taken by any people to alleviate their pain & suffering & help move them out of their homelessness.

We are not associated directly with any non-profit or entity that delivers services to the homeless. We write from a sense of personal experience & to share the experiences of being homeless that others share with us.

It is important that when giving a voice to homelessness that we speak with humbleness & compassion. That is the Christian viewpoint & we want to create a sense of the need to treat the issues & people experiencing homelessness with the same respect, dignity, compassion & caring that we believe Jesus himself would have exhibited when he encountered a homeless person in his walk on this Earth.

Stay tuned as we develop our mission statements, vision & purpose here in the blogosphere. We have a vision, we just need to express it concisely & deliver information through features we deem useful in getting the message out there.

Please note that we have begun fund-raising efforts for our general operating needs as well as for funds to organize an event to support World Homelessness Day in Savannah on October 10, 2010. These fund-raising efforts are concentrated on our other blog that allows us to promote items on Amazon, like the books & DVDs (movies) we are promoting as well as the general fund-raising efforts we mentioned here. Thanks for considering supporting our efforts!

Thanks for stopping by, engage here through comments, feedback & as we develop this site, you will be given a way to contact us to submit topics for us to write about, people to interview for content that is meaningful to the issues we see as advocates for the homeless.

Please note that the original post on this blog:

(Isn’t it a Shame? Or maybe a Sin?)

is what triggered us to go ahead & put this blog together, the result of lots of previous thought – the events talked about in the original post stimulated the desire to proceed now rather than wait for other situations & events.

About homelessnessinsavannah

Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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2 Responses to Welcome to a learning experience about Homelessness!

  1. Rev. Cynthia says:

    Have I understood you correctly, you only want posts of stories from Christians, who are homeless? Hmmm… how about spiritually inspired stories from anyone, who is experiencing homelessness? Guess I’m just wondering how “Christian” it is to exclude others.

    Rev. Cynthia

    • Far from any restrictions on stories Rev. Cynthia. I am confused about how you drew that conclusion from any of my postings.

      I simply have an outreach to anyone who is experiencing homelessness, whether it be them or their family members.

      If you are concerned by the title of the movie, book & blog I mention in some of my posts, then please read the posts referenced & see that their motivations are very inclusive as well.

      The post you decided to comment upon is from another organization & I am pretty sure they are also inclusive.

      Please let me know what led you to that conclusion.

      Thanks, Marvin

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