Do people really think theres NO POVERTY in Savannah? Reducing poverty in Savannah takes 2010 vision, focus |

Reducing poverty in Savannah takes 2010 vision, focus

With eye on coming census, mayor seeks to refocus community, government efforts

This article does a GREAT job of accepting the realities of poverty in Savannah & in fact gives us some HOPE that people in the community, responsible for addressing the issues, see the facts & want to do something about it.

What we hope in talking about homelessness is that we soon are able to do something about this poverty thing!

It is one of the causes of homelessness for sure. But it isn’t the only one. Sure when someone is out on the street or getting ready to be evicted from their home or apartment, or even trying to figure out how to pay that next weeks or tonight’s rent in a “weekly hotel” that they were able to go to after being “evicted”, they think they are poor & in poverty. That is the reality they are dealing with.

But the real question is “What got them there?”. When you are there you are less likely to fess up & deal with the realities that you need a change in your life at some level. You look for excuses & who to blame.

There are programs here in Savannah that give those people an opportunity to “change”. They provide the framework to address those issues.

That will be the subject of another post – because Savannahians need to know that there are programs here in  this City that attempt to end homelessness, one person at a time.

But for now, the focus of this post is: What does it take for the “rest of Savannah” to get onboard with the realities that this article talks about.

You see, I heard the other day that there were some posts & comments on Facebook (I’m still trying to track them down) about the fact that the original poster believes there is no poverty in Savannah – now like someone who tells a story down thru a line of people & has the story come back to them totally different, we are conscious of the problem with that & the fact that subjective interpretations of stories causes miscommunication & misunderstanding.

But if there are really people in Savannah who believe we don’t have a poverty problem we need to OUT them & confront them every chance we get with the facts in this article in the Savannah Morning News.

So do your part, arm yourself with the facts & take on the challenge to educate your neighbor. The result will be that we can talk based in realities about how to end homelessness, the result of poverty hitting people in the face every day.

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