From March 2006 – What about NOW?: A City Steps Up: Savannah Confronts Poverty : NPR

March 20, 2006

Savannah, Ga., is one of the oldest and loveliest cities in America. Called “the Little Easy” for its charming historic district and hospitality, Savannah nonetheless grapples with stubborn poverty and crime higher than that of many larger cities.

So this was way back in 2006 that we got that attention to our approach to end poverty or at least address it.

Do you think it’s gone yet? Nope, surely isn’t & we posted just yesterday about the current move to get everyone lined up on the issues today.

The article from the SMN that we talked about yesterday had a follow-up article promised for the next week that would “audit” the results of this program & it shares other important information about StepUp Savannah & other programs – with funding comparisons for these hard times from two years of effort up to that time. So, read the follow-up action report:

Savannah spends millions to end poverty

Savannah gains national recognition for efforts; ‘We won’t rest until we turn the tide,’ mayor says

Even with the economic downturn these are impressive investment numbers.

What we need though is a report on how much effort is being put into addressing the homelessness that has occurred during this economic downturn.

It’s fine to address what has happened in poverty reduction initiatives because that hopefully has kept folks from becoming homeless, but the realities might be surprising when you look at the upturn in homelessness the agencies supporting those who aren’t able to keep a roof over their head see in these current times.

Let’s look for ways to help those agencies out too – particularly with events we should be putting together here in Savannah for World Homelessness Day & the subsequent Homelessness Action Week that follows it.

Maybe that awareness we could bring to the homelessness in Savannah will help these issues too!

via A City Steps Up: Savannah Confronts Poverty : NPR.


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