It’s complicated so here is: A New Definition of Poor

It’s a statistic you’ve likely heard before, in newspapers or television infomercials: 1.4 billion people live on less than US$1.25 a day.

The World Bank set this number as the global poverty line in 2008, creating an international standard for what it takes to get by. The statistic is simple and easy for people to relate to – In the United States, US$1.25 is a large candy bar, or less than a gallon of gas.

But is it a relevant way to measure poverty?

Researchers Sabina Alkire and Maria Emma Santos, from the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, think not. The one-price-fits-all model makes income the only factor in determining poverty.

This new definition of poor should help us understand poverty a little better – for Savannahians who are trying to get a grasp on the poverty in Savannah anyway!

The issues are multi-dimensional & shouldn’t be put at the daily wage level – there are many other considerations that this article & it’s highlighted study covers very well.

So let the Mayor, City Council & those who are dealing with our Poverty Reduction Initiative take a peek & maybe report back to us about how this new definition of poor relates to Savannah & whether it changes any of our programs or plans to address the poverty here in Savannah!

via A New Definition of Poor.


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