An approach for Savannah?: A big turnaround as a KC family, once homeless, gets a newly remodeled home –

Constructing Futures takes abandoned or vacant houses and rehabs them with paid labor from men who have been incarcerated and want to learn new skills. Then a deserving homeless family is chosen to receive the house provided they live there for seven years and pay taxes and other bills.

Here’s a success story in Kansas City!

I’m sure we have enough properties that qualify for this type of program – now if we could get our own “Constructing Futures” program in Savannah we could use this vehicle to approach solving our own homelessness issue!

This program seems to be tied to accountability for the recipients – a much needed aspect of any program that is attempting to end homelessness in a community or a country!

This blogger found an interesting discussion out in Australia (Sydney) that deals with the aspect of politics & the homelessness issue.

It seems that Australia had passed some legislation that was being called into question as to its success – it seems to be a political issue in their current elections & a homeless person wrote a blog post with his suggestions for addressing their countries homelessness issue with some additional legislation that put essentially a quota system on properties relative to how much of their property they had to “make available” to homeless people.

Interesting concept – maybe we need an accountability focus to that quota system & maybe it could fly in America?

Take a look at the Australian blog post & give us your feedback here on how to best get a mixture of his recommendations & the project from Kansas City.

We previously wrote about President Obama’s approach to ending homelessness – a major initiative we are still trying to figure out! Doesn’t seem there is anything like the suggested Australian approach but there are funding opportunities to take depressed housing & fix it up etc!

Maybe we can tie it to a political issue here in the US, or locally in our current or future elections too!

via A big turnaround as a KC family, once homeless, gets a newly remodeled home –


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