Learn about issues when homeless: Why homeless shelters should be open year-round – by Sarah Parrish – Helium

Homeless shelters provide more than just a place to sleep.  They often provide a warm meal, and even more importantly, they serve as a resource hub to get people like me back on their feet.  It’s amazing what community can do to help someone.  Those of us who are dealing with the hardships of homelessness don’t necessarily need a hand-out so much as a hand up.

This article (blog post) does a great job of letting us SEE what challenges someone has once they become homeless.

For that reason I heartily recommend reading it & trying to put yourself in the place of the homeless person trying to get out of their homelessness.

It would be great if Savannah implemented a simulation game experience much like that done for StepUp Savannah so that the plight of those living in homeless shelters could be identified with.

This article also supports the premise of setting up a homeless support “system” that takes work ready homeless people in & gives them all the support they need to find that job, get out of their condition that made them homeless & get them to change whatever behavior that got them there.

The goal being to end their homelessness forever, to have them not become homeless again, because they also take this opportunity to “change”.

So, take a read, consider what you would have to do to get out of homelessness & try to find a way to help others get that chance to “change” for the better.

via Why homeless shelters should be open year-round – by Sarah Parrish – Helium.


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