Savannah just might be lucky: Homeless Killings at Highest Level in a Decade | End Homelessness |

The homeless, some of our most vulnerable neighbors, are under attack. Heartless cowards are perpetrating more crimes against homeless individuals now than at any point in the last decade. Make no mistake — these are hate crimes.

Luckily we haven’t had any attacks against homeless people in Savannah reported. Maybe they just don’t happen & we’re lucky. I sure hope that’s the case!

But just as this report is released, we see news of an attack that ended up in a killing in 2009 in Redding, CA highlighted in a NYTimes article titled ”

Killings of Homeless Rise to Highest Level in a Decade

The NYTimes article does a great job of giving a broad overview of the issues & talks about a piece of legislation under consideration to require the FBI to track these crimes so that more accurate information can be available to get the issue dealt with.

It is pointed out that these trends against the homeless are on the rise recently while other areas are declining. Maybe we have more homeless now too, causing there to be more unrest about these economic times.

Whatever the reason, those trends don’t seem to be hitting Savannah, however, the homeless don’t really feel safe on the streets of Savannah these days. Witness one young legally blind man showing up on the doorstep of several homeless shelters unable to have a safe place to sleep tonight, saying that he slept last night around the Cathedral where he felt safer.

So, let’s think about the safety of our homeless & work even harder to give them safer environments in which to live – whatever that may be, let’s put our thinking hats on & try to address these issues as a feeling & caring community.

Express your feelings about how safe you believe our homeless are, comment away & discuss solutions here.

via Homeless Killings at Highest Level in a Decade | End Homelessness |


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