Our take on: Building hope for a better Savannah | WSAV TV

“Because we have problems in our city,” Roberson says, “we have poverty, we have crime, we have blight. We have sometimes poor education and it’s important that none of us stay within our four walls and just build our agencies or our organizations. It’s important in the concept of community that everybody helps everybody have a successful well blooming life in every part of the community. No part of the community should be forsaken.”

To show we don’t favor WTOC 🙂 here is a story from WSAV about an outreach to a very forsaken community within Savannah, Yamacraw Village.

This outreach had several purposes, one of which was to bring the police in & show that the kids could trust them & relate to them in other ways than being chased down the street or be the subject of drug or other types of raids or sweeps.

The other was to show organizations, faith-based & basic organizations concerned about these families, could come together collaboratively to show support in organizing an event of outreach that met the needs of the families, be that single parent or individuals.

But more important it was a collaborative of agencies addressing the needs of a forgotten community. There will be more outreach to Yamacraw because the participating organizations are up for that. The faith-based groups as well as the agencies supporting this community & others know the needs of this particular community.

It has a bad rap these days & it has been said to this blogger that it is a “red light district“. That came from someone who used to live there & if they went back thru there they would possibly have that trigger experience, as an addict they usually know what that is for them if they have addressed their addiction & are dealing with it on a daily basis they avoid their trigger experiences religiously.

But there is hope if we start early with the kids & families who do live there & try to enable them to see a concerned community wanting to better the residents in many ways.

There has been talk of a creative writing workshop led by an organization we know, AWWIN, Inc. We have offered to do a “blogging” class to allow those storied to see the light of day in Google! If people are seriously looking to understand their stories & Google the topics that these folks will write about, they will “hear” & see it first hand.

We have a mission to tell the stories of the homeless. The other non-profit I mention has a mission to deal with working women in poverty. They are struggling in Yamacraw & in other communities to raise their families as single working women who can’t get along on minimum wage, but yet they work. It’s a struggle for them to keep from becoming homeless too.

The key is what the Pastor says – we shouldn’t stay within our four walls, either literally or in our thinking about these issues in our community. Educate yourself, show compassion & most of all use your talents to make a difference to someone in need.

via Building hope for a better Savannah | WSAV TV.


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