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But for whatever reason, the old mans preference for alcohol and a solitary life has drawn him to the street for most of his adult life.

As mentioned in the article in the Savannah Morning News (SMN) today, Sunday, August 22, 2010 (the same day that YouTube focused its homepage on InvisiblePeople.TV & their mission to tell the stories of the homeless), this is a minority of the situations found in Savannah’s homeless.

This first guy talked about in the SMN article seems to make a somewhat conscious decision not to change his situation or his life.

We should all note that there are people who are counted in the homeless ranks who DO try to change their situations.

And when they make that decision to change, are given the help they need (be that food, shelter, education or sometimes therapy to deal with whatever their situation is) they can get out of their chronic homelessness.

Sometimes if we provide enough structure & give them the “place” to be challenged for that change, the program works. One example, not the only one I am sure, takes the work ready homeless & helps them get back on their feet.

There are those who are not work ready though, they may need to dry out or come to the realization themselves that they are better than their addiction.

This blogger had a situation occur where one such individual he knows relapsed, had to leave the program he was in & resulted in several months of being on the streets & being in & out of jail just like the first man discussed in the SMN article.

Likewise, this individual was found to have been carrying a can of beer with him by the police one time too. In that situation, he was taken to jail for his own protection (note: it was on St Patrick’s Day last year, imagine that, an addict getting drunk on St Patrick’s Day – do you think the handout he got from a partier in town for that day went for food or another beer?).

The difference possibly was: he finally got to realize thru experiencing severe health issues, maybe even realizing thru personal contact while on the street, that there were people who were also going thru a change who cared about him, saw him on the street several times & spent a few minutes with him where he was (in his state of questioning his situation at that particular point in time), talking about what he was feeling right then & telling him he was loved & cared for, encouraging him to go to an AA meting and to go on & see that Doctor he had been putting off seeing.

Guess what, a month or so later this same guy who relapsed while in a homeless program was seen in a health clinic, looking much better than he had the last time this blogger saw him & committed to his change & growth, living in another homeless shelter & wanting so bad to be back in the program he started out in.

What we should focus on is funding those programs that give opportunity for change & when the person makes that decision, make sure those programs are funded.

How we help people realize that they need help or help them want that help may be the biggest challenge of all. Showing homeless people love thru ministries that minister to them where they are might be a good first step.

That is what this advocacy is trying to accomplish, motivate a Christian response to homelessness as well as a lot of other issues that trouble people & help them know that they are loved.

So stay tuned as we develop that program of Christian response to homelessness hopefully creating an event for Savannah on World Homelessness Day, 10-10-10.

Consider supporting our efforts & if you want to know more just contact us in any way you like. Look at our Contact block on the right side of this page & get in touch thru the social media channel you like, email or phone.

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