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While this is not exactly our stated mission (as expressed below in the quoted area), we felt it was important to share a principle under which we will be operating.

If there is any confusion about us supporting a “Christian response” to the issues of homelessness, let it be known from this day forward (previously as well) that we will most likely focus our initial outreach on Christian-based religions & expand as well to encompass an outreach to all faiths.

We welcome any other religious organization or individual of any faith, faith-based as they say, that wants to be engaged in the support of the mission to end homelessness, supports our advocacy, education & collaboration around the issues of homelessness, expressing that mission thru peaceful means by whatever way their “religion” expresses the caring for the needs of individuals or family units who are experiencing homelessness or have friends or family in that situation..

Mission Statement Common Ground Worldwide is a grassroots, 501c3 nonprofit organization that is committed to  promoting world peace through education about global religions and cultures; providing interfaith spiritual support to those in need; and engaging in  humanitarian outreach efforts.

When we first started this advocacy effort we were very quickly challenged on our “Christian response” approach. It was presented to us in comments on our first blog post by Rev. Cynthia that we may not be as inclusive as we should be – our take on what she said.

We had a dialog both in comments & thru email & I apologize for taking so long to specifically address this & to respond appropriately with our real intentions.

As you can tell from the linked to home-page of her organization (above), she is truly inter-faith & uses the following Peace Brochure to express that inclusiveness.

We have borrowed the image to display in this post & link to her full image display – we aren’t sure where she got the image or brochure nor are we seeing any copyright information for the image, but we certainly put the thanks & gratitude to her & her organization for being so forthright in their approach to ministry.

The Common Ground Worldwide Peace Brochure

The Common Ground Worldwide Peace Brochure

We have a different approach to our Mission & we’ll lay that out in more detail later, but for now, to all those who worry or wonder, we hereby acknowledge our shortcomings in quickly, without the proper level of thought, putting our first introductory blog post out there with the implication that we weren’t totally inclusive of all religions & believers in supporting humanity in peaceful ways.

Our speed to post was solely based on getting started, posting the first issue response that weekend & getting rolling as quickly as possible.

We’ve come a long way in a few weeks, we have reached out to organizations in Savannah, had a business associate approach us about our thinking about our own “place” (may be too soon for us but we’re talking!), gotten some very favorable reactions to our approach & interest in collaboration on several fronts on our initial World Homelessness Day (WHD) efforts (very short time-frame to try to accomplish what we can to bring Savannah together to recognize this occasion in a recognizable way).

And we have been very busy, posting away on such things as a front page newspaper story in our hometown last Sunday morning about the affect on taxpayers from a “few” chronic homeless people.

But we have also gotten a little push-back from a place where we would like to hold our meetings & screenings of some movies for our WHD initial event partner recruitment meetings.

So we are responding with our true, honest & sincere thoughts on the subject of inclusiveness around religious & faith-based groups.

We also will be inclusive of a lot more characteristics of the people & issues we advocate about when it comes to how this homelessness epidemic affects our country & more importantly the individuals & families experiencing it.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything we are putting in place please respond in comments here or directly via our contact methods to the right.

Thanks for engaging in our inclusiveness.

via Common Ground Worldwide – HOME.


About homelessnessinsavannah

Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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3 Responses to Our inter-faith interests too: Common Ground Worldwide – HOME

  1. Thanks Rev. Cynthia!

    BTW, I met with the local Homeless Authority & we are pursuing discussions about working together on several fronts! Great meeting, great guy & committed to ending homelessness, putting himself out of business!

    As for Mellencamp, he has a Savannah connection that I will check on – seems like he is getting a lot of exposure to his PSA – will post it thru Youtube too on this blog!

    That is a good info about the veterans – they are having a Stand Down here on Sept 14 with the Homeless Authority & the Salvation Army partnering to put it on at one of their facilities.

    So I will pursue them as well.

    Thanks for your continued interest & support thru your comments!

    God bless your efforts as well,


  2. Rev. Cynthia says:

    I applaud your shift to encompassing people of all (or perhaps no) faith in your efforts! As for our peace brochure, we created that specifically for our organization, using clip art and quotations on peace that we found on the internet. You are most welcome to use the image.

    How are things coming along with your efforts to locate space for your “World Homeless Day 10/10/10” event? Because so many people, who are experiencing homelessness are veterans, you might check w/ your local Veterans Hall to see if they will let you have space.

    In case you want to post a visual of the new John Mellencamp PSA for WHD and the Portland Rescue Mission’s “10 Tips Countdown to WHD”, you can find those on our blog: http://www.commongroundworldwide.blogspot.com (just be sure to credit them & make the tips your own, by editing in details that are appropriate for your local area).

    All the best with your organizing efforts!

    Blessings along the journey…
    Rev. Cynthia

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