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Another view of costs of homelessness on taxpayers: Homelessness Costly? National Alliance to End Homlessness Provides Great Information on This Front « Merrimack Valley Regional Network to End Homelessness Blog

Homelessness can be surprisingly costly for taxpayers. Fortunately, socially-responsible, cost-effective solutions exist. It seems like there are studies & even tools to use to evaluate the costs to taxpayers of the various services that homeless people receive across the country. … Continue reading

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A conversation on a train: Social Justice Superheroes the Mythbusters Tackle the “Lazy Homeless” Stereotype | End Homelessness | Change.org

We’re on the train on our way home. We strike up a conversation with someone sitting next to us. He’s wearing a suit and has a Bluetooth in his ear, an iPhone in his hand and a laptop on his … Continue reading

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