A sign of caring, understanding & concern: Help the needy and homeless – Auburn Journal

After talking to some friends who have seen, spoken to and helped these people, it is my opinion: not all homeless persons should be “profiled” as alcoholics/drug addicts/worthless people. We do not know how they became homeless, if they are homeless or just in need and trying to survive, against our troubling, oppressive economy. We should assume nothing. Many of my friends, as well as myself, have given food, clothes, blankets or whatever we felt we could give at the time. After all, “Charity begins at home.”

Here’s a refreshing post on a local newspaper in Auburn, California.

A group of residents actually discussed the increase in homelessness signals they were seeing in their community & got publicity for their conclusions & feelings about helping these people they were seeing on their streets.

They encourage us not to draw conclusions based on the typical stereotypes about people they see on the streets needing help, maybe asking for it or possibly not.

Reaching out to help someone you see who looks to be in need is not a bad thing, although some feel it is not safe to do that.

We need to develop our skills in realizing need & reaching out to help, in a caring, non-judgmental way.

We will offer a series of posts on effective, safe ways to help the homeless you see on the streets & deal with “pan-handling”.

We will also be offering a series of events around the topics of meeting the needs of the homeless, showing sincere caring & loving & being non-judgmental. This series will start with the preview of a movie, “Lord Save Us from Your Followers”, where we will explore & then discuss in a group setting what may be causing the disconnect with aspects of the community who are seemingly non-believers, possibly because of the way they feel the “church” responds to them & their condition.

via Help the needy and homeless – Auburn Journal.

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