A call to action & some details on where we stand with WHD (10-10-10)

Just thought I’d update everyone on where we stand for the events we are planning for World Homelessness Day (10-10-10)!

It seems that there will be a series of events in November planned by the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness in Atlanta – they are focusing the whole State’s attention on homelessness in November & Savannah, its agencies & providers who deal with the homeless are focusing their efforts there.

BTW, there is an event on Sept 14 (at the Salvation Army Bee Road location) – sponsored by the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless & the Salvation Army here in Savannah that everyone should consider supporting & attending – it’s a Stand Down for our Veterans (all homeless folks are urged to attend though) who are homeless or want to help those who are currently homeless. It’s a tradition within the Military to do these Stand Downs to support their own in times of need & upon the end of a tour of duty – so let’s support how these agencies as looking to apply the very best of Military-based support to our Veterans who have served us well!

That’s fine for us that there is a serious focus in November as we see this as an opportunity to align ourselves with their efforts as well as go ahead & focus some attention on 10-10-10, without causing any loss of focus in Savannah or any mixed messages about the range of issues around homelessness.

There is already a focus on 10-10-10 by the faith-based organizations in Savannah (& possibly globally & denominationally) on raising funds, through church donations during services that day when the collection plates are passed.

The messages won’t be mixed between what the churches & faith-based organizations are doing on 10-10-10 or the following events in November as we are developing alliances ourselves with the other groups & advocacies around Savannah who are dealing with the issues that homelessness raised in our community in an effort to (as we see it) help prepare the minds & hearts of the Savannah community to be ready to participate in the events in November.

We see our role as one of raising awareness of the issues of homelessness, educating others on some topics around the need for us to take a more public & actionable stance on ending homelessness in our City & beyond.

We see us doing that by offering a series of events that might themselves be engaging faith-based organizations or individuals who don’t participate in those churches or organizations to still be in a position to act responsibly towards the homelessness issues we see in Savannah.

What we mean is that if a faith-based approach is undertaken to lift the vail of thought about how individuals view a religious, inter-faith based level of responsible action toward homelessness we want to be there.

By “be there” we mean, there are those who don’t attend churches possibly because they have a view that the churches aren’t speaking to their particular understanding or feeling about faith, they are for whatever reason feeling that organized religion is failing them in their quest for expressing their religious beliefs.

We will be discussing the positioning of an event we have in mind to our community. Stay tuned as we develop support for this event & an understanding of the best way to present it, get support for it & relate it to homelessness, awareness & action in Savannah, preparing us to take a stance on ending homelessness in Savannah effectively & efficiently.

If you represent or are participating in an advocacy campaign around homelessness in Savannah, aren’t involved directly with an agency or service provider dealing with homelessness (or even if you are & feel a calling to support reaching out as we are describing) please contact us thru our contact info on the right of this page to be a part of the effort to define events, support others events or just come to the table of thought & discussion around the issues & concerns about the community of Savannah’s support for the mission to end homelessness.

Thanks for your interest & support – we are ready to engage at any level with those interested in the cause!

About homelessnessinsavannah

Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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