Newsletter: World Homeless Day: Update #1

This came to us from the FB Page for Beat’n Streets – link at bottom – we thought we’d share the news we got from them!

World Homeless Day Newsletter

Firstly, something to warm the heart and get you inspired for World Homeless Day – a group of homeless people in London have put this music video together

We have also garnered the support of several celebrities, including John Mellencamp. If you dont have your own public service announcements to run on 10/10/10 or during the lead-up, please contact us: info @ worldhomelessday . org

Additionally, if you have created any advertising or promotional material, please feel free to send it to us so that we may include it to share with others.

Update on World Homeless Day

World Homeless Day is spreading like the best lit campfire and the chats that go with it. To our absolute delight we are learning of new initiatives and events on a daily basis.

World Homeless Day will be marked in all 5 continents, in over 100 countries and even the virtual world:

In addition, other international organizations have signalled their intent to participate!

World Homeless Day is looking more and more like the billion dollar idea we hoped it would be. Remember, this concept was only launched less than 6 months ago – and we are blown away by the positive reaction the day is receiving! And this is only the first year. From a long term perspective, we can only expect the event to expand considerably further over the coming years. Calls to action are spreading via word of mouth in local communities all over the globe, employing the profile that our international day provides.

If you don’t have plans in place already for this year’s inaugural World Homeless Day, you may be missing a massive opportunity to assist our homeless community…BUT it’s never too late!

If you are in need of a press release to send out the week before the actual date, 10/10/10, please contact us ASAP so that we can work together to tailor one suitable to your organization and your needs.

The media, locally and internationally, is hungry for stories about what you and/or your organization are doing to serve our homeless, as well as your comments on the issues surrounding homelessness.

It is not too late to get in touch with local schools, businesses and community groups and provide them with opportunities to support your organization and your aspirations it is not too late to get in touch with local schools, businesses and community groups and provide them with opportunities to support your organization and your aspirations for World Homeless Day.

Globally, several tent cities are involved in World Homeless Day and are putting many charities to shame in their enthusiasm and planning for the day, despite limited resources. Might you assist them on a volunteer basis?

The World Homeless Day team will continue to supply resources for you to use, but remember, the day belongs to you! Use World Homeless Day to achieve your aims. Act locally, act boldly, act as best you can to benefit our ‘street communities’ collaboratively….and enjoy the collective action such a day brings in terms of attention to the issue of homelessness to make our voice heard!

Contact us directly: info @ worldhomelessday . org


International Homeless Forums official discussion space:

skype: beatonthestreet

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