WSAV – A Second Story on World Homeless Day! WSAV did a GREAT job!

The reporter called us Sunday morning wanting to do a story on our WHD event coming up that Sunday (10-10-10) night.

We arranged to meet her (Meredith Ley) after Church at Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA, where we also volunteer to help the group of churchgoers who faithfully serve the homeless & hungry. The homeless expect us to be there every week & the faithful are there to do the Lords work of Loving the Homeless.

We found this ministry & partnered with them to be there & support them in any way we can.

My friend Steve (who is also interviewed in this story) is a great minister to the homeless in their quest for more than a meal.

We walk around on these Sunday afternoons after church speaking to the people who show up every week & the new ones who just came by for their first time to show that we care, tell them that God Loves them & to try to bring a smile to their faces as they deal with their plight of homelessness.

She wanted to interview us about our activities of recognizing WHD Sunday in Savannah & she got a treat, seeing the faithful service that happens every week, seeing the needs that are there & through this effort on her part to get the whole story, not just the promotion of a WHD event, she came up with a compelling story of hope & change.

I felt honored to talk with her (she was very easy to talk to as her compassion as evident from the very first encounter on the phone that Sunday morning) as she made the whole process so easy, asking just the right questions to let us share what we needed to in order to get our message of hope & the need for Loving the Homeless expressed in concrete ways.

She also met Ray Mulcahy, who shared a beautiful story of change several years ago (2008) on the WJCL FOX News station (video on Youtube) of how he overcame his struggles with addiction to be saved & get the hope that Steven Ware talks about in this segment of the story too!

Here’s Ray’s piece form 2008 – we have engaged with him now on our efforts to advocate for the homeless – he even showed up later that Sunday night for our WHD event @ the Sentient Bean – screening a movie that wound up speaking to him too!!

Ray also participates in a weekly service event for the homeless in Chippewa Square on Thursday evenings at 5pm – I am anxious to go there for my first time this Thursday so I can see what help I can be in that effort, put on by a group of people who have overcome their homelessness (like Ray) & want to give back to their brothers & sisters experiencing homelessness now!

We weren’t able to embed the WSAV story because of our blogging platform, so this link below will open in a new window where you will need to click on the World Homeless Day label to play the actual video (or go to their story page, which you may want to do to read the whole story that Meredith put together).

Watch the story on the WSAV site by clicking this link.

Their first story earlier in the week (World Homeless Day Coming Up, A Look at Local Problem) promoted a faith-based response in the collection plate – a very valid response from the faith community, much appreciated. This follow-up story shows that faith in action – the action of living the love that churches preach about!

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Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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