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‘homeless but not hopeless’

Wonderful story of courage, tenacity & compassion in this referenced blog post (link at end of post)!

Saw this today & it gave me encouragement!

It’s not every homeless person that has these skills talked about in the post. Many don’t get to use their talents that way to overcome their situation. This post encourages those who become homeless to make sure they keep their resources as much as possible to enable them to use their talents to raise up out of their situation.

If we keep the attitude that homelessness is a situation & consider this quote seriously:

“People who are homeless are not social inadequates. They are people without homes.” ~ Sheila McKechnie

then we should likely be able to be of help & be able to show the Love that people need to raise themselves up out of their situation – giving them a hand up not a hand out!

I see the struggles every day that homeless folks go through.

I went for my first time last night (10-14-10) to Chippewa Square in Savannah where every week there is a group of servants who come to minister to the homeless.

I was “invited” earlier by a “Twitter person” in Savannah who had seen some of my blogging & wanted me to experience this marvelous pouring out of  love & compassion that they participate in every week!

Struggles like being given a tent by a group of believers at a weekly feeding in the park & then losing it because of the neighbors in the tent city they set it up in being mean & awnry (ornery), being “scared” to go back & claim the tent back, being told he would be beat up & the tent torn up if he came back.

Now that’s a tough time isn’t it?

So the moral of this story is: When we get frustrated with something in our daily lives, step back & consider the struggles that others go through just trying to have a place to sleep at night that’s safe.

Then there’s another story from last night! A more hopeful & joyful story!

At the end of the evening in the square I was given this (see my gift in the picture below) by a homeless guy who has been struggling over the years with his addictions & anger (he was also sharing how he walked away from a conflict because his soberness helped him realize his trigger point & walk away from it, a sign of strength & change!) – he was 25 days sober as of this day & was sharing that proudly (but cautiously, not wanting to jinx his gift of soberness) with the people there who had been ministering to him for a long time (that’s a story for another day, although we introduced you to Ray Mulcahy in the previous post about the (WSAV) interview in Forsyth Park last Sunday, World Homeless Day, 10-10-10 – we shared the 2008 story of Ray’s life & ministry to the homeless & addicts who need his message of faith, hope & love).


Gift from Eddie (10-14-10) Chippewa Square

Gift from Billy (10-14-10) Chippewa Square


I was truly blessed & moved to receive his gift to me for my first time attendance – we had shared a little earlier with a few in conversation after the planned part of the event & we were happy for him & his soberness & the change he was going through to try to lift himself up out of his situation. That is often the best time at these events, to share the hope we got from the message & to update each other as we share what our current situations are, our struggles & hear those hopeful words & glorious stories of progress!

We will try to share stories of hope & growth, change & success as well as making us all remember the struggles that homeless people go through every day.

For it is without this hope & faith that many remain in their situation of homelessness.

It is up to every one of us to try to make a difference & help those in struggle over their homelessness get the encouragement they need, the support they need & maybe give them the one thing that they need to overcome, Love!

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