Social Media engenders support for causes & constituents too!: NONPROFIT: Nonprofits can use online networking to find donors, volunteers |

Although the majority of users of social networks are still individual young adults, the clear trend is major expansion into other demographics. And though statistics on the burgeoning use by U.S. Internet users of online profile sites vary, we can reliably assume 40 percent to 50 percent of Internet users now have online profiles.

While the SMN (Savannah Morning News) & Ms. Sarah Todd does a great job of showing how non-profits can garner support for their causes (& ultimately for their constituents) we have very concrete examples of how these tools can also engender change for their constituents directly when they are used to empower the voices of the disenfranchised!

We point specifically to this Homelessness.Change.Org posting & the resultant action that has occurred on behalf of these homeless folks!

If you have a question about whether this is a fad please watch this YouTube video (posted in the SMN article too!).

But also watch the videos on InvisiblePeople.TV (which also were featured on YouTube on Sunday, August 22, 2010).

From Mark Horvath: Homeless Family Uses Twitter to Escape Homelessness & Help Others notice the connect from Elijah

Watch the powerful stories linked to above too please!

via NONPROFIT: Nonprofits can use online networking to find donors, volunteers |


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Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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