It’s NOT just a welfare system abuse that causes the surge in homelessness: Bad economy pushing more to homelessness |

Shelters across the county are filling up to two months earlier than usual. And most of the people there are either employed but had their hours cut, or lost their jobs and could not find new ones.

Although this Savannah Morning News article (a seeming follow-up to their Chronic Homelessness article last August 21, which we also wrote about & commented on their site) seems to have hit a nerve with the early commenter(s) for today’s story that their presumptive theory of welfare system abuse was what was the issue here, the issue is far from that.

There are MANY stories of others who show up at homeless shelters these days.

We thought we’d share the story of a Los Angeles mentor to us here at this Advocacy, one of drug addiction & redemption:

Mark Horvath Story in Outreach Magazine

Read the full story of Mark Horvath & his passion for raising awareness along with visibility!

He has now taken to the internet (with blogs & websites), YouTube, Facebook & Twitter also helping others get their visibility wheels too to raise awareness, help those experiencing homelessness find a way out, find community of like minds & find those who want to give them a hand up not a hand out.

Then we could & should also go around to the shelters in Savannah (& we have plans to do just that, even talking to some street people about their homelessness when they are ready to share their stories) in order to help these wayward commenters realize the true conditions that many find themselves in – that got them to their homeless state.

For it is with a true sense of humility, after experiencing homelessness for just a week or a month (like some are doing right now in Atlanta & Raleigh NC) that we will surely come to feel the truth in the statement that: “There but by the Grace of God go I”.

So I challenge the commenters with the broad brush, those painting the issue in very stereotypical ways, to bear up to the challenge we have put forth: “Live Homeless & see what it’s all about”.

So let’s also show some:

Love Without Agenda eBook Resource

Take a look at this extensive eBook on how to "Love Without Agenda"!


via Bad economy pushing more to homelessness |


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