Is this you? Time for an attitude adjustment? Who cares about the homeless? I just want to read the funny pages.

Who cares about the homeless? I just want to read the funny pages.

This blog post has been updated! See our “conclusion” at the end of this post & our addition of a discussion on Housing First!

Would you want one of these “Street Papers” in Savannah?

Reading the newspaper they sell & help create!

Homeless man reads newspaper he helped create & sells as a vendor!

Here’s how it works in San Francisco:

AFSC generously pays for this publication to be printed and then hands it out to homeless people to sell to support themselves. It’s a great idea, and I want to be clear that this post is not a criticism of AFSC’s goals – it’s an admirable organization, and I only want it to succeed.

Our goal is to get one of these going here in Savannah – we have some ideas about an approach we think is viable. We will be approaching some media outlets in the area to see how supportive they are of this approach – maybe not paying for it all themselves but some variation of this!

Let us know if you’re interested in selling these papers (preferably recently housed or sheltered individuals), [see update to this post below for more complete model of a solution] creating content for this paper, having your business or service represented as a sponsor or advertiser in this business or any other form of relationship that you think would help your cause, business or address a need in the community please respond here if appropriate in the comments or contact us through the Contact Us block at the right side of the page.

Thanks for your thoughts & let us hear your ideas & thoughts on this new venture for Homelessness in Savannah.

There is a lot of other valuable information in the referenced blog post below regarding the premise of giving to causes & supporting the homeless. Take a look & educate yourself – see if you can break out of any stereotyping that might be keeping you from being aware of the realities of homelessness.

That reality of understanding truly the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs must come to us so we can recognize why it is so important to address Housing First as a model to begin the process of ending ones homelessness! Please read the linked to post below to get more from that discussion on the hierarchy of needs – we offer the image here for inspiration to read further:

The Hierarchy of Needs most important to understanding why Housing First works!

Regarding the “Street Paper” opportunity – we are all about creating jobs & giving homeless people a way out of their homelessness. There are many who are looking for just this opportunity. They are looking for a hand up not a hand out. Look for ways to help without giving homeless people money – you never know if it will enable them to support a habit or something that will be detrimental to their recovery or journey out of homelessness. There are many opportunities to help. We will post later on alternatives to giving money when you see or are approached by a homeless person.

An update for this post after our own education, research & experience ending our own homelessness:

We want to extend this model now that we’ve learned a lot since this blog post was originally published! We have an opportunity to use the street paper model as a part of a bigger picture solution that just came together for us!

We have been advocating for ending chronic homelessness with a Housing First model! Well it seems it’s coming together nicely now as we have found a model to build more inventory of housing, to provide the model for services that will end their homelessness productively with access right around that housing right there on site or close to it! The services themselves are compassionate yet realistic & produces former homeless individuals with self esteem, self worth & on the path to recovery from whatever got them homeless in the first place! That’s what ending homelessness is all about, one person at a time!

So stay tuned here & on the blog, in our social media presence & in person with us roaming around Savannah making this solution (a L3C-based social enterprise) become a reality with the community’s support!

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