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An interview with a Homelessness Advocate: Richard Troxell: Looking Up At The Bottom Line

This interview should be especially interesting to our followers! It’s an interview with an author, advocate & overall champion of the homeless. After listening to his interview please check out his website, House the Homeless! He has some very interesting perspectives … Continue reading

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The Rotating Shelter — A Homeless Services Faith Based Model That Works (VIDEO)

Mark takes a candid, challengin­g look at the role of faith-base­d organizati­ons in ending homelessne­ss. It’s fine to feed the hungry but look at how to raise them up out of their homelessne­ss not just give them some structure that … Continue reading

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Is the Austin model for Savannah? Can we get more housing for the homeless this way in Savannah?

How are other cities wrestling with this issue of housing for the homeless? Is Austin’s approach a good one? Can Savannah do anything like this? Are we finding any developers like those in Austin who came forward to do the … Continue reading

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