Are we ready for a “O Homeless Night” mobile outreach to the homeless on the streets of Savannah, 12/21/10?

Homeless Memorial Day – 12/21/10

Salvation Army – Homeless Memorial Observance – 6pm, Salvation Army, Bee Rd

Followed by a “O Homeless Night” Mobile Outreach Service to the
homeless living on the streets.





We are currently planning this follow-on event & seeking advice & counsel in this process.

Social Media enabled location aware outreach – documenting & reaching
out to the homeless people living on Savannah‘s streets, with the goal
to bring the “No Wrong Door for Help” program & awareness of the services available to them so that they can raise themselves up out of their homelessness & be safe again from the dangers to their health & well-being by remaining on the streets at night.

The whole purpose of the Homeless Memorial Day is to recognize & honor those who have fallen from being on the streets.

Make them aware of services available to help them deal with the
conditions that make them homeless. Whether it’s mental health, drug
or alcohol abuse, there exist programs that can end their
homelessness, make them safe & eliminate the risk of dying on the
streets & being added to the list of those memorialized next year.

Those who have passed were memorialized & remembered, now in their
memory & honor we reach out to those currently at risk to go try to save them
from that same outcome with a recommitment to serve their needs & give
them hope.

We will be taking the memorial service format of prayer & candles lighted in the honor of likely some of their friends who have passed this year. We are personally aware of one at least who had had issues of alcoholism that might have contributed to his death this year on the streets of Savannah, in a canal to be precise.

Without this outreach & re-commitment to counseling & providing services, including proper medications, programs of recovery & hope others will surely be added to the roles of the fallen in Savannah & other places all over the world.

Savannah is stepping up to the plate with the services – it is now our responsibility as advocates & those concerned with the people we see on the streets every day & their future. Will we enable them to be at risk any longer?

You see we have seen the success that can be had with a little personal effort & want others to realize they can make a difference.

This program, “O Homeless Night” is patterned after a social event put on in Savannah last week that was very successful amongst the technology & creative folks in Savannah. It was called “O Mobile Night” & was the brainstorm of several leading businesses in Savannah who feel it will have a life of its own. It is our hope that there can be a social awareness counterpart to that social entertainment event that makes people feel better about themselves for reaching out to those who have issues with their use of alcohol or drugs or have mental health issues that keep them from being a part of that “normal” societal thing called a party as a part of the celebration of a season we all have cherished memories of for the most part but could have been traumatic for these at risk neighbors of our community.

We were inspired by the success of that event & had a vision that those social events could be imitated in this manner.

So we are recruiting a set of volunteers who know these places where our street people are sleeping & try to put together a safe environment for all who want to participate – we aware of the risks & dangers & will seek wise counsel in our efforts to protect those who care about these cherished lives we are worried about in our advocacy.

As a sidelight, we are also considering a program similar to or as an extension of Project Live Love’s program in Atlanta (called THREE-OH-WE-GO!) where they go out to deliver warm clothes, blankets & other useful services to the homeless of Atlanta every night it goes below 32 degrees in Atlanta.

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Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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