Ray Mulcahy Ministers to the Homeless @ Chippewa Square, some more stories of change

My friend Ray Mulcahy, whose story we have shared before after we met him on World Homeless Day this year (10/10/10) at Forsyth Park at that ministry to the homeless also ministers to our people on Thursdays at Chippewa Square – we have talked about our experiences there before too.

This time we were able to video him a couple of weeks ago giving the message there at a special time. He doesn’t always speak there but rather usually just walks around talking to the folks who regularly show up as well as the newcomers, mixing & mingling, taking the word, love, caring & power of God through him to them one at a time.

Today (12/30/10) he also talked to the crowd but more about that later!

I had been lax in writing a blog post about this special time a couple of weeks ago. I did upload the video to our YouTube channel but didn’t share it directly here, so here it is for your viewing pleasure & inspiration:

Now on to todays event! Ray was also chosen to take a special message to the followers today. He spoke & introduced a former regular at this ministry as a receiver of the word, Johnnie, who had gone off back last April to a Bible College. He was there today to share his story. You see, he was once sitting on the same bench in Chippewa Square when he made his commitment to change his life, get out of his addictions & come to the Lord.

Now he (Johnnie) was back to share his story with those who he knew & those he didn’t know as well but who were on the cusp of the decision he had made, recognizing their need for change in their lives & letting the Lord work on them to get them through their trials & tribulations.

Something special happened today too!

Two things to be exact with many more seeds being planted that the Lord & his faithful can water & sprout!

One of the regulars made the commitment today to change his life & come to the Lord. I had seen it in him the past few weeks & now, after the message from Johnnie & the call from Ray he made that leap of faith & opted for salvation!

The other thing special was a young man who I had seen before & been introduced to had been on the phone with Ray already several times today. He showed up hoping to meet the rest of the “staff” so that he could take a step that one of his friends was taking already, the same one that Johnnie had taken last April.

After talking more with this young man one-on-one his story was very special. He had messed up bad recently but he received the forgiveness from the person he wronged after confessing to them his messup! That one act of forgiveness put him in the right frame of mind to make that step to change his life. Without charges being pressed he was now seeing that grace & forgiveness were given to him so that he could have that chance for the change he needed. His friend who was already on the path to Bible College from a couple of weeks ago at this same place had told him about his changed life & now he was ready to take those same steps!

God id Good! Every day he puts himself in the path of others & allows us to work for Him to plant the seeds & then he makes it happen for people so that they have the opportunity for that change & the salvation that goes along with it.

So you see, helping people raise themselves out of homelessness often involves that step of love & forgiveness & having the power of faith work on the hearts of people who need a change in order to raise themselves up out of their situations that make them homeless in the first place.

We encourage you to look for opportunities to serve & be of service to those who just need that one act of love, forgiveness, compassion & caring to get on the right path!

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