Getting the homeless ready to be employed in Georgia: The Georgia Work Ready Program

We wrote earlier about the GAWORK$ program from the GA DOL (Department of Labor). With this program you find an employer who wants to train you for a position, get paid to work (up to) 24 hours a week for 6 weeks (pay is $100 per week stipend) @ no charge to the employer & no commitment from them to hire you at the end of the training period. The hope is that this paid period where you show your skills, see if you fit their needs & you like working for them, kind of a trial, probationary period, leads to full time employment but if not, you have gained some marketable skills that could be added to a resume or help you connect with a business that can use your new or enhanced skills.

Now we have another program that gets you ready for work in Georgia in some specific industries. You can get some GAP training to get you ready for the certification tests or to improve your scores if you need some refresher training.

Once you have your certification certificate you can also qualify for a $100 incentive check.

There are details on their website & Savannah Technical College provides the training for the GAP program as well as administers the tests.

Here are some links to check out for this program:

The GA DOL (@ the Savannah Job Center on White Bluff Road) can also schedule you for the Certification Tests, then you can get a piece of paper from them with all the links & information to get ready to be tested. We will scan their page & put it on this post as a pdf soon!

But you can get all the links to prepare for the tests here on the GA Work Ready sites too.

Other specific links for preparation materials are:

More will come as we go through the process ourselves. If you have questions, post them in the comments section here – also you can contact us by phone or email via the Contact section on the right of this post!

Good Working! Help raise yourselves up out of homelessness by taking the steps you need to get employed! There is also a Connect Program after you are certified to help you find jobs that can use your skills & are looking for your Work Ready Certificate to hire YOU!


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