Project 50/50 visits Savannah & donates toiletries to Union Mission “No Wrong Door for Help” Program

The Project 50/50 LOVE was at 107 Fahm St today! See how the love evolved!

Alice Massimi of WSAV was there to do her super work to pull together their story, “Project 50/50 Comes to Savannah” on tonight’s news (segment titled “Woman Pays it Forward Across the Country” ) – here is their story with the video clip that aired tonight!

We’ve got four videos for you to watch here:

They arrive:

The WSAV raw interview with Shay Kelley:

The WSAV raw interview with Terry Cassidy, VP of Union Mission’s The Counseling Service, the organization with the “No Wrong Door for Help” program:

And as a wrap-up, Shay’s message to Savannah about her trip to Savannah this time, her impressions of how Savannah comes together to serve the needs of the homeless & then some praise & love for the Savannah volunteers & organizations she met with & who facilitated her activities here in Savannah on her second trip to our city:

We will have a wrap up of our time with Shay here soon so come back & check this post out for updates!

Meanwhile, connect with Project 50/50 for your own personal experience in serving the homeless by helping her out as she treks across the US with her husband (Shane) this time (he is a GREAT guy) – you should be so lucky to meet & spend quality time with them, hosting some activities for them & getting them some connections so they can collect the LOVE & distribute it for you!


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