A Quote to Remember & Use for Accountability (Everyone should “have a roof over their head”): Page 4: ‘This Week’ Transcript: Speaker John Boehner – ABC News


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This past Sunday (11/6/11) on This Week, ABC News Anchor Christine Amanpour interviewed Speaker John Boehner. The topics were many in her questions but one stood out for us Advocates for the Homeless & Homelessness!

Read on, this quote came from the Transcript, Page 4, linked to below:

AMANPOUR: You talk about fairness. And, of course, obviously, a lot of the conversation in this country over the last year or so has been about spending cuts, getting the deficit under control. But it’s sort of shifting, as you know now, to the whole big disparity in income, the income gap, the income inequality that people are talking about.

Latest reports say that something like 1 in 15 Americans live in extreme poverty, which is defined as something like $11,000 per year for a family of four. Are you concerned that these budget cuts are going to hurt the people who can least afford it?

BOEHNER: No. No one here in this Congress, Democrat or Republican, wants to do anything about putting holes in the safety net for Americans. There are Americans who are poor. And I think it’s the responsibility of the rest of us to ensure that they have food in their stomachs and they have a roof over their head.

You know, John Kennedy said some 50 years ago, a rising tide lifts all boats. We have to get our economy moving again. And until we get our economy moving again, we start producing more jobs, we’re going to have all kinds of uncertainty, concern, and, frankly, fear about the future.

Boehner went on to make another point we’ll also quote here:

AMANPOUR: You talk about a rising tide lifting all boats, and, of course, that is the American way. That’s what all of us look to America for. And yet, not just income inequality has expanded, but also the idea of social mobility is kind of slowing down. It’s even slower than in some other parts of the world. And clearly, the Republicans are being portrayed as the party that doesn’t really care and are really, quote, unquote, “the servants of the rich.” Does that need to change?

BOEHNER: Well, I think that’s — I think that’s very unfair. Listen, I come from a family of 12. My dad owned a bar. I’ve got brothers and sisters on every rung of the economic ladder. What our job here in Congress is to do and the reason I came here 21 years ago was to make sure that the American dream that was available to us is available for our kids and our grandkids.

cont’d answer: That — most people don’t believe that’s the case today. And, frankly, I’ve got concerns that it may not be the case. We can’t have government debt that’s snuffing out the future for our kids and grandkids. We can’t have a government that’s taking 30, 40 cents out of every dollar from our kids and grandkids to pay for government. That’s the — you can’t have both.

And I do believe that my — my job and my vision is to make sure the American dream is alive and well for everyone in America.

If you desire to watch the video of the full interview  & see him answer this question on the video here’s a link to that page.

Watch the interview on YouTube here:

Overall, this is a monumental comment! We MUST reference this & get it out there, hold the Republicans accountable for this in their current discussions on the deficit & debt reduction cuts currently going on in Congress & bring SANITY to this debate!

Per the NAEH, votes are being taken & Committees are working to bring the House & Senate versions of funding bills together now! Contact your Congressman NOW! Make them aware of this quote from Boehner!

We MUST contact all of Congress & leverage this statement from Boehner! If he truly believes this & is willing to lay political capital on the line, address it now, he must make sure that in fact we do NOT cut any funding for programs that address hunger, poverty & homelessness.

In fact, the humane thing to do is to increase funding for programs that End Chronic Homelessness FIRST & then make sure other supporting programs to make the 100,000 Homes Campaign successful are supported fully so that these community driven programs are successful.

  • MORE communities MUST align with this 100K Homes Campaign approach.
  • MORE communities MUST create Housing Trusts to make these programs happen in their communities!

Learn more about the 100K Homes Campaign from this two-page brochure referenced & displayed in this blog post!

Be creative, make it a focus of your newly elected local governments!

We attempted to make this a local campaign issue this year by pushing to get position statements from all local candidates on “Ending Chronic Homelessness by Supporting a Housing First Model” & received little response, but those we did receive are published through this linked post!

via Page 4: ‘This Week’ Transcript: Speaker John Boehner – ABC News.


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