The Holiday Season: A time for reflection, volunteering and giving, a contributed post

When the holidays come around, there’s always a feeling of home, family and love that pervades throughout the winter season, especially in an area like Savannah. Here in the city, where culture and home is of such importance, the holiday season represents a time to come together not only with family but with friends in the community. In a place where community is important, the holidays are also a time to look after the homeless and less fortunate, getting into the giving mindset.
One of the great opportunities given during the holiday season is the numerous amounts of events that are coordinated to benefit the homeless and less fortunate. In this area, there are great groups who serve not just to get the homeless food and temporary shelter, but also battle to get the less fortunate into Savannah apartments and homes for the long term. With the holidays being a time when food and shelter are celebrated, these groups work to make sure the less fortunate can take part in some.
A prime example of this giving has come from groups like the Savannah Feed the Hungry and Homeless, who have teamed up with a number of other groups in the past, including a thanksgiving event this year which served over 4,000 people. Another giving event will be setup on December 23 and coordinated with other area businesses to give out donations and feed the homeless.
Potential volunteers are offered a wide range of volunteer opportunities to choose from, especially in an area such as Savannah. There are initiatives that fight on all fronts to try and put an end to homelessness, while some others focus on specific aspects, such as long term housing, short term shelter or food donations.
Being around friends and family could also allow regular volunteers and advocates for giving to the homeless an opportunity to spread awareness and get more people to these types of events. In the end, a giving event for the support of the homeless and needy can only go as far as the amount of donations, as well as the amount of people helping out.
Whether it’s at your local church or community organization, there are usually plenty of events that serve to benefit the homeless during the winter season.  So, while the temperature continues to get a bit cooler and December draws on, take a day or two and spend some time giving to the less fortunate and homeless, as every person and every volunteer counts.
This is a contributed post by an aspiring creative writer who offered this article for us to publish!
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Written by guest contributor Melinda Carter. A creative writer from the University of Texas El Paso.

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