More on relationships with the homeless: How To Not Be Taken Advantage of By Panhandlers — Love Wins Ministries

How To Not Be Taken Advantage of By Panhandlers — Love Wins Ministries

So I was taking a few moments to catch up on Facebook posts as I do from time to time during the day. As we all know who do that, what actually “shows up” on your feed is under the control of Facebook for the most part.

However, being a person of faith & not believing in coincidence here is a post about the experience I had today as I took a minute to see what the Lord had for me today! Some do that by opening up their Bible, I sometimes do it by opening up Facebook where I find various items to delve into & share with others in very special ways sometimes!

My friend Hugh Hollowell (I met him in person when coming back thru Raleigh [on purpose] after the NAEH11 conference in July – I digress, but I had seen his ministry, blog & writings in my meanderings & wanted to meet him) writes some great posts worth reflection & study!

Found out today that he actually did a TedX presentation in Raleigh & I wasn’t even aware of it – it’s embedded here for your viewing pleasure:

But again, I digress – you see He wanted me to find that video today too!

The linked to post at the top actually has several posts linked to that are worth exploring when you have the time!

The premise is that you need to rethink how you react to the homeless folk you meet & find a way that works for you & progress through a deep interpersonal look at yourself & your approach to helping the homeless.

If this whole issue is on your heart (placed there by the Lord) then take a few minutes to watch the above video then read the posts to delve deeper.

There are some great suggestions in the posts as well as in the comments for those posts as others have delved into the discussion & made very relevant points & as well have evolved their understandings of & reactions to the homeless they encounter.

This is fact is not just about homeless you encounter but how you relate to people in a Christ-centered life!

I hope we have spurred some interest in learning how to better relate to & serve the needs of the homeless.

But what we are really after here is to enable people to progress out of their homelessness to the level they can & are willing to do.

So we are not trying to make people comfortable in their homelessness as much as comfortable with the relationships they build – as people build better relationships focused on the Lord & living the life we are all called to live for Him then amazing things happen in people’s lives.

We hope we have helped the dialog along & as always, comment & discuss here amongst yourselves! We’ll chime in too probably!


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Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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