The real way to tell a homeless story needs our support: Philanthroper – $1 Helps Homeless People Be Heard

Philanthroper – $1 Helps Homeless People Be Heard.

An original post on Google+ that shared this website & funding approach commented that:

Noland Hoshino originally shared this post:
It’s a FREAKIN $1 (of course, give more if you can). This is a great organization +InvisiblePeople.tvby the tireless +Mark Horvath

The lead, most important statement on that page is:

“Homeless services are broken. We don’t need to hear from another politician,” says founder Mark Horvath. “We need to hear from the single mom living in the van with two kids.”

So our two cents (& more than you probably wanted [rant included below with a special graphic that we saw yesterday that kind-of says it all about our response, so you have to read the whole rant or cheat & scroll down to the end…], with apologies to Mark for tagging into the conversation) was:

The agree part is about the no more comments from politicians needed part & the fact that real people’s stories are so much more effective in raising awareness, caring & opening the hearts of those who can really make a difference in the effort to End Chronic (& all ultimately) Homelessness!

Yes, agreed! But I want politicians to be more compassionate & aggressive at the same time to ask the hard questions of the CoC’s when they need to be questioned! Not all do but some (& you know who you are) just might! 

And YES, we need to hear from the ones actually experiencing it or having recently been through the “system”, like the Mother living in a car talked about here! 

Sanitized videos with no real meat & pictures only just don’t cut it when you’re trying to make a statement about what the life is really like! 

Nice videos from tent camps that make it seem like it’s a good life need to stop because all we get are comments about “they need to start paying property taxes”! 

What good does that do to end chronic homelessness as those who really live it know it?

The season of glossing over & no accountability are over as far as this Advocacy is concerned!

This is our Christmas gift to those experiencing chronic homelessness in Savannah in particular!

P.S. I’ve posted a couple of tough blog posts today & commented on a newspaper story that linked Homeless Memorial Day with a local CoC getting a $3.5M grant to do the same thing they’ve been doing for gosh knows how long! 

And we still have chronic homelessness & people living on the streets at Christmas time when solutions ARE available! 

Check out the posts here: 

Sorry +Mark Horvath for tagging into your organizations great work but I needed to reference the real stories that you do that help us make the case much better of course!

And now for our promised image that says it ALL:

The harsh reality approach!


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