What about Savannah’s Super Bowl, St. Patrick’s Day 2012: Officials wont relocate homeless during Super Bowl | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com

Officials wont relocate homeless during Super Bowl | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com.

The local homeless service provider organization in Indianapolis seems to be on top of this issue too with a Note posted as well here (http://on.fb.me/zFD7ch)!

We MUST bring this issue local, for Savannah, it’s been talked about clearing the tent cities & we’re just wondering, what’s our stance on the Super Bowl of Savannah, St. Patrick’s Day!

Will our police & local tourism business sector be hyping up St Patrick’s Day & the effect of the homeless on the “celebration”?

You see with all the revelry & partying there’s another issue too!

  • How will we educate our locals & visitors about the dangers of just giving money to the panhandlers so they can maintain their addictions all in the spirit of the weekend?

The interviews have already started on local TV outlets & the new City Council will certainly be addressing their first St. Patrick’s Day in office soon with the new regulations etc.

We suggest that they take a positive stance & address the issue we raise!

Raising awareness with our visitors that Savannah cares about the effect on our addicted & chronic homeless citizens from all the partying!

We realize that our residents & the visitors want to keep the spirit of the celebration going & may just hand out a drink or some money to our people on the street just to maintain the party atmosphere & so they don’t have to take another stance BUT… – we owe it to those who can’t manage just another drink the same way the other partiers can! Discernment of risk to another human being is what we’re talking about here!

Get the message to these visitors & locals as well:

  • We want you to do something else than giving them a few dollars for their next drink,
  • Buy some Hydra Hope water &
  • Support building more detox beds here in Savannah so we can get these chronic homeless off the streets & on a path to “Housing First” too!

Our Campaign has started for “Don’t Feed the Homeless on St. Patrick’s Day 2012” so stay tuned!


About homelessnessinsavannah

Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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2 Responses to What about Savannah’s Super Bowl, St. Patrick’s Day 2012: Officials wont relocate homeless during Super Bowl | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com

  1. db says:

    I notice on this website http://www.usich.gov/ these gov’t folks are using the terminology “Affordable and Supportive Housing.” This is not acceptable in my book as we have discussed. If single men who have been homeless for longer than one (1) year (hence chronic homeless) cannot find employment, how will they qualify for affordable housing? I know of construction workers who have been out of work as I’ve told you for over 5 (five) years now and have lived in shelters for longer. They are exhausted, medically deteriorating and require a emergency “bail out” like the banks received. Lots of these people end up committing suicide because they are helpless and have no hope. Many people DO NOT want to be put into a homeless database, so the numbers appear to be declining. But, if you go into the jungles (hobo villages) you will see a different story. There are more people than ever to exist on the streets living rough.

    The ACLU in places like Fresno have repeatedly filed lawsuits against the city for destroying tents and personal property in camp raids. Here are some recent articles:

    City of Fresno Sends Holiday Greetings to the Homeless

    War Against the Poor (part 1)

    Articles on the Homelessness Issue in FresnoArticles on the Homelessness Issue in Fresno

    People who are homeless cannot tolerate tent city raids as this is all they have. If the city will be heartless and uncompassionate towards the homeless I fear they will be permanently and irreversibly condemned to the lake of fire by almighty God at the time of judgment. City officials need to think of their spiritual retirement plans and how their personal actions will condemn their very lives. I enjoy speaking bold like this because frankly someone has to. Most city officials consider homeless to be rats, poison humans who should be flushed. My solidarity movement has been laughed at, called names by officials and personally attacked by police. When will the insanity end???

    • While you make great points, all the people who are part of the chronic homeless population aren’t ready to work yet! They need supportive services that are wrapped around the housing to get them employable again as well as time to get their lives back together.

      The people who just need jobs & are ready to be hired are another part of the population that need handling & they can be addressed too.

      It’s a matter of developing tailored solutions & addressing individual needs as well a the needs of a group.

      So take a look at the successes of the 100,000 Homes Campaign in various cities & communities that have aligned their 10 year plans with the recognized successful approach to the “Housing First” model.

      We need to be looking at successes & mimicking them or adapting them to the needs of a particular community & demographic we are trying to serve.

      On to the awareness arena & getting communities to engage on these topics! We MUST have them engaged int he solutions. As I have said many times, ending homelessness is not JUST the job of the social services sector, government or existing infrastructure for these services. We need the Faith community more engaged & we need the business & charity (philanthropic) sectors too. Witness the successes in LA when the Chamber, United Way & the social services sector engage on solutions like Housing First!

      Thanks again for your involvement in keeping the news in front of us – those are places we need to support the efforts like presented here to get them past their actions to solutions that work!

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