Please pass along & help get feedback in (deadline): Social Security Administration Calling for Comments on SSI and Homelessness

Social Security Administration Calling for Comments on SSI and Homelessness
The Social Security Administration (SSA) is requesting comments from the public on the types of services received by those people experiencing homelessness (specifically those residing in emergency shelters) and receiving Supplement Security Income (SSI). It is specifically hoping to better understand how SSI serves this population.     


SSA is requesting input from the public in order to better understand how SSI rules regarding a person’s living arrangements affect people experiencing homelessness. Comments are due on March 12, 2012.
Directions for submission, along with a list of questions SSA requests one considers when submitting comments, can be found here.

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One Response to Please pass along & help get feedback in (deadline): Social Security Administration Calling for Comments on SSI and Homelessness

  1. db says:

    The issue is very simple. The federal government is only legally mandated to respond to aid requests if the petitioner meets the requirements to receive aid. It is like a control structure in software. IF A, then B. For example, if you’re a homeless single female with a child, then it will be fairly simple to become un-homeless, because you meet condition A (homeless single female) and subsequently will receive B (housing assistance). The problem is (live I’ve been repeatedly saying) for single men who have no families, are not senior-citizens and do not qualify for anything beyond food stamps, there is no way to receive B (housing) unless they have A (income). That’s how it works for single men. All they can qualify for is food stamps. Beyond that, there is nothing unless they have income. If all the jobs are shipped overseas, high unemployment, etc. … they will never be able to meet the requirements of A to B and will thus always be homeless.

    The only way to turn homelessness around for this particular subset of individuals (single men, no families, etc. — as stated above) is to change the requirements of A (income), so they can get B (housing assistance). The federal government does not want to provide free housing (change requirement A to no income instead of income). Please correct me if I’m wrong with my logic here and if so provide evidence of available housing for this class of homeless: single men, non-senior citizens, no disabilities, able bodied able to work, etc. If you know of housing programs for these people that don’t require A (income) let me know and I’ll tell of my friends who are homeless to apply for that housing ASAP.

    The problem is, as far as I know this type of housing does not exist. Housing first is unpopular because it implies giving something away for free out of the kindness of your heart, which to the folks in DC means love, not hate. I feel they operate on hate. Look how they behave. There are so many examples: police tearing down tent cities, throwing all property away, tearing down tent cities. This is why I call this predicament certified insanity. Again, if my logic is incorrect and there is in fact housing please provide the evidence and names of these service providers and I’ll forward it to everyone I know so they can refer their homeless clients as soon as possible. People are literally dying on the street and it’s no joke at all.

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