Why not here in Savannah we MUST ask?: New Project Aims to Provide Permanent Housing for Homeless – Scoop San Diego: Local News: homelessness, socioeconomics, social issues, homelessness in the united states,

New Project Aims to Provide Permanent Housing for Homeless – Scoop San Diego: Local News: homelessness, socioeconomics, social issues, homelessness in the united states,.

Wow, look what happens when the community comes together to end homelessness!

Another model for review here!

They just seem to keep popping up everywhere else but in Savannah! Who can share with us why that might be?

A few comments worth sharing from the article:

“Connections Housing is an extraordinary project for so many reasons,” said Jim Silverwood, president of Affirmed Housing Group, one of the many organizations and businesses that will be assisting with the project. “We are honored to be a part of this stellar partnership, and part of the cause to end homelessness in San Diego.”

An impressive list of partners too:

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, San Diego Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer and City Councilmember Todd Gloria served as guest speakers at the meeting.Representatives of Affirmed Housing Group, Family Health Centers of San Diego, People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) and PATH Ventures were also on-hand.Other partners in the project include Alpha Project, Centre City Development Corporation, the San Diego Housing Commission, Turner Construction Company, UnitedHealth Group and U.S. Bank.

And being done quickly as a rehab it seems:

Officials say the aim of the Connections Housing project is to transform the current facility into an “integrated service and residential center aiming to end homelessness in San Diego.” Construction of the facility is expected to be completed in December of 2012.

So, who has properties they want to offer up for something of this scale here in Savannah? And where is our list of similar partners to make this thing come together?

Comment away, contact us & we’ll work with anyone on these efforts!

Is this another model for the new Housing Fund to consider?


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Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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7 Responses to Why not here in Savannah we MUST ask?: New Project Aims to Provide Permanent Housing for Homeless – Scoop San Diego: Local News: homelessness, socioeconomics, social issues, homelessness in the united states,

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  6. With all due respect Doug, we do realize that jobs or other sustainable income depending on a persons capabilities, disabilities & other issues is an important consideration.

    We also believe that housing first gives somebody a basis for getting that job & these articles say little about the programs we believe must be put in place in the “supportive housing” model to help people work through their issues to become able to seek a job.

    Yes, more jobs need to be created & available but these people who are being targeted are for the most part not able to get a job in their condition in life at this point in time.

    So it’s almost a catch-22 situation. It is recognized that people need to get beyond the things that are keeping them from being employable too! That is what the 100K Homes Campaign is all about.

    We need more compassionate solutions for those who are designated as chronically homeless. They must have housing before they can get a job is our position. They will eventually be able to pay their way. That is the goal!

    That is our position in all this & sharing examples of approaches that aren’t necessarily the be-all end-all but that can be customized to accomplish the goals we state & are what we are seeking to accomplish here.

    So thanks for getting us back to basics on the need for jobs – there are other ways to create jobs for this population that we are also researching & have some approaches for so we have not ignored the need for jobs & being able to pay for their housing, but we have to start here we believe.

  7. db says:

    They are ONLY calling for more AFFORDABLE housing. That adjective ‘affordable’ means you MUST have income. If a homeless person cannot find a JOB how will they have income to get affordable housing?

    From their website:
    “Our community needs more permanent AFFORDABLE housing, year-round emergency beds, and services.”

    Also quoted on their website:
    “Affirmed Housing Group. Affirmed Housing Group is dedicated to improving and sustaining the viability of California communities through the development of well-designed and professionally managed AFFORDABLE housing.”
    “PATHVentures (PV) seeks to improve individual lives and communities by increasing quality AFFORDABLE HOUSING and creating opportunities for economic, civic and personal empowerment.”

    Like I said before, it’s all BS. The definition of being homeless means you do not have a address, set of keys and a place to live (a home). That is being homeless. What is this “affordable homeless” I keep hearing about? Do you see yet my friend what I’m trying to get across here?

    I know it may seem like harassment that I keep posting on your blog but I’m trying to systematically plant into your brain or whoever else might read this website that the issue is JOBS. The issue is jobs. I cannot say it enough. This is why Goodwill uses the corporate catch phrase “Because jobs change lives.”

    * sigh *

    Are you starting to see yet how these 10 year plans are all a hoax? I know it’s depressing, but we have to expose this issue. Homelessness will never end until their requirements to get housing change from mandatory income to something different. If access to jobs is not possible these people will remain “affordable homeless.”

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