The right perspective on the “safety net” issue so eloquently presented by Mitt Romney: Response by Joel John Roberts: Doctors Want to Prescribe Social Services as Good Medicine

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Thanks Mitt! It’s on the table now & we’ve posted & tagged ALL the political campaigns here:

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The “safety net” has gotten to be a political campaign issue because of Mitt Romney’s statements about not being “worried about America’s poor”!

So to put the whole issue in perspective we are very pleased to share the HuffPost Impact post written by a great guy who deals with the effects of a “tattered” safety net every day!

With evidence, research & consensus behind his post he very effectively shares the total set of issues homeless people deal with.

You see, it’s not just about the “safety net”, it’s more about how effective it is in addressing the “whole” body & soul of the person experiencing homelessness – our safety net attempts to deal with the issues piecemeal & that’s not how a Doctor would look at it when the “patient” is in front of them – they want to address all parts of the “system” to “heal” them simultaneously & in the vernacular of the medical world there is a priority of needs to be considered. In the body the medical field is able to apply triage at one place & address the issues in priority of needs.

In the case of homelessness, as this post points out, housing is the FIRST & primary need we all assume we have available when the Doctor is telling us to rest, drink plenty of fluids etc.

Homeless people living on the streets aren’t able to heal this way & it’s time we all realized that & dealt with the issue of Housing First models in our communities! There are many successes & communities are engaging with the 100,000 Homes Campaign in growing numbers to end chronic homelessness with comprehensive solutions to housing & the other services needed to create success!

So read this excerpt from the post & then go delve into the research & other points made to fully understand the issues & get motivated to ACTION!

I work within a few office spaces away from a waiting room filled to the brim with people that are so impoverished they have resorted to living on the streets. Those of us on the front lines battling homelessness in America know that the so-called American social safety net is tattered.

An incredulous gasp is my only response when a presidential candidate, worth a quarter of a billion dollars, publicly states on national television that this country has a “very ample safety net” for poor Americans.

Sure, our country provides Medicaid, food stamps, and housing vouchers to help Americans fight poverty. But these resources are not enough. Just walk in our waiting room every weekday and the numbers of people you see clamoring for help will dispel the myth of an ample safety net.

Or, talk with America’s physicians regarding what they see. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently commissioned a national survey of primary care providers and pediatricians that resulted in an unusual conclusion by America’s doctors.

If they could, they would write a prescription to help Americans’ social needs — food, housing, fitness, and transportation assistance.

via Joel John Roberts: Doctors Want to Prescribe Social Services as Good Medicine.

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