We struggle with this as we seek to build capacity in this community to end chronic homelessness: Posts: Building Competent Communities: A Matter of Survival in the 21st Century (02-14-2012) – Abundant Community

We saw this post (linked to at the end of our post) today & read just enough to get hooked!

We shared it out on Google+ & Facebook with this comment:

Here’s something worth sharing to talk about capacity building in our community!

To: The Creative Coast AllianceKevin Lawver,Tom Kohler & @murray wilson – here’s a post I did to share this: Found this article from a Facebook post today by someone I follow & started reading it!

This needs to be part of the dialog about how a community comes together to address issues that everyone assumes somebody else will handle, like homelessness & ending chronic homelessness in particular!

It also comes to me that the previous post about “good enoughalso applies & must be at the heart of a dialog about how a community cares for each other – the debate about common good vs free enterprise or capitalism is one that we are tired of having because it’s not a debate it’s a dictator like response to human services issues that we just can’t seem to get right without a sense of Love for our Neighbors in the biblical & Jesus sense!

P.S. We realize we have taken the Christian response approach here but it is also a compassionate response that applies to all faiths & even the atheists reading this can develop a basic sense of empathy & compassion as well!

We are interested in any & all support for the issues we discuss here!

We had seen a previous post on the Made in Savannah website about “Good Enough” (our response is linked to above) & asking why Savannah seems to try to get by with just enough or good enough!

We wrote a blog post & commented on that post as well & feel we really need to address these basics to come to grips with whether we have the political will, social will or moral fortitude to address, in our case, ending chronic homelessness in the really near term!

We don’t want to wait 10 years as many communities focus on their 10 year plans to end homelessness in general!

We use as a model LA & their Task Force approach which created Home for Good!

So here is a teaser & challenge from the linked to, subject post – read & react please:

Competent, productive, and cohesive communities are vibrant places or social spheres that:

Don’t you want to know what the characteristics of a community like this would be?

Read the article linked to below & get the full view & list!

Then make that a checklist & see if Savannah stacks up!

Maybe we should make this a survey, poll or some other way to engage the community to think through if they want to be like this!

Comments are welcome for sure! Let’s get the dialog going & better yet, let’s make sure Savannah can be on the lost of communities that have these characteristics!

It might even help us market Savannah, get more tourists, grow more businesses, recruit some too or just survive! It might help us be at a position to thrive & be even more Competitive as the Governor desires!

via Posts: Building Competent Communities: A Matter of Survival in the 21st Century (02-14-2012) – Abundant Community.

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Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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