Is this a valid pilot project for the Housing Fund in Savannah? We think YES & want to engage now on this!

Background information & coverage is voluminous in the media in San Jose & reported here & on our other Facebook posts regarding this breakthrough approach to proving the value of Housing First models to end chronic homelessness!

We believe this will work in Savannah & seek to engage any & all players, constituents & the community at large, faith & non-faithed, to come to the table as Mayor Jackson has suggested in her comments to the Savannah Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting recently!

We just posted on Facebook & decided to enhance with a blog post too this:

Mayor’s support critical for using vouchers for pilot for chronic homelessness! Asking Mayor Edna Jackson for Mayor of Savannah via Van JohnsonAlderman Van JohnsonMary Ellen SpragueTony ThomasTony Thomas, Savannah’s AldermanEstella Edwards ShabazzJohn HallCarol BellCarolyn Bell for support in discussing approaches for a pilot to prove the viability of Housing First the way 100K Homes Campaign works.

Let’s see if that’s a viable approach for Savannah too!
We believe the current efforts to create a Housing Fund here in Savannah, also talked about many times in our posts, deserves an agile approach to modeling, testing, delivering & reporting on with adjustments as we learn from this approach to build a solid foundation for what supportive services that change people’s lives looks like to help them sustain their housing while becoming productive members of the community.
In summary, taking 3 years to develop the plan to get foundations & other funding sources to build more of the affordable housing like we have done at Sustainable Fellwood & Savannah Gardens (among other projects) seems like a long time.
The agile approach is understood not only in our own technology sector & community of practitioners but also in other disciplines than just technology.
Let’s show the folks outside of Savannah that we want to build a world class approach to ending chronic homelessness while modeling what more effective supportive services looks like with this recommended agile pilot project approach. The pilot actually delivers new housing inventory too!
We just believe the chronic homeless deserve the compassionate solution first!
Assistant Director of Housing for the City of San Jose spoke and called on the HA to seek City direction on policy decisions – stating the Mayor’s strong support for vouchers set aside for chronic homelessness.
via Housing 1000‘s status on Facebook today!

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