Seeking support for attending the NAEH 2013 Conference, July 22-24, Washington, DC

We’re trying to put together an entire trip to the conference of the 2013 National Alliance to End Homelessness!

Travel & accommodations can take several forms – train, plane, bus or car! Depending on which approach donors can support with funds, donations of points from various rewards programs whether hotel or airline or both is up to you, the supporters for this effort.

Donations of funds for other expenses are also sought using our PayPal account & access to that service is available below, with the ability to designate your donation for specific parts of the needed funding – details & a budget are presented below as well for our transparent & complete sharing of information about the trip – actual expenses will also be reported if we are funded to attend the conference!

We will refund any donations which specify “Please refund” in the designation note to us at the time of your donation or specified at any later time before the trip if the entire trip isn’t funded & actually taken!

We may add a pledged column to the spreadsheet so that others may see how far along the funding we need at any point in time!

Why should you want us to attend this conference?

This conference was very important to jump starting our Advocacy efforts in 2011, so we would like to update our connections, information & network with the folks who are successfully ending homelessness all over the country!

Why should you want to support this trip & our overall Advocacy efforts?

We are at a crucial point in this Advocacy & it’s efforts to make a difference here in Savannah’s approach to ending homelessness!

The stars are lining up to put this community on a path to being fully engaged in the issue of homelessness but our efforts can’t be curtailed, slowed down & therefore allow us all to assume that the need for advocacy, accountability & follow through have passed simply because others are taking steps that would have the community believe that the tide has turned!

It’s difficult to tell if the tide is going in or out at this time in our history with homelessness!

On the outside it looks like we may have turned the tide but in reality the journey has just begun & it is imperative that the voice of the homeless remain constant & even more vocal in all aspects of the process.

If you have any questions you are encouraged to contact us using the information at the end of this post, the contact form or email or phone contacts are your choices.

Comments on this post are appropriate if you’d like all to see the answers we would post here!

Details & options for funding this trip:

Seeking donation of Marriott (or other hotel programs) Rewards points for a hotel stay in DC for the NAEH13 Conference – checkin would be on July 21 & checkout July 24 or 25th if possible – requires 90,000 points for checkout the 24th!

You can Donate below to help fund parts of this trips expenses!

All support is greatly appreciated & goes to support our efforts to end homelessness in Savannah GA! Please check out our What We Do page for details on the Advocacy!

Info on the conference is at:

Hotel for the conference & desired Marriott property is:

The conference attendance is in support of our Advocacy & social entrepreneurial efforts for ending homelessness in Savannah!

Note: We attended the NAEH11 Conference where we encountered many who are successfully addressing homelessness in their communities, were turned on to the Housing First efforts of 100,000 Homes Campaign & got to go do some lobbying (with some “professionals”) on behalf of our homeless with staff from the offices of Rep Jack Kingston & Senator Johnny Isakson! We’d love to do some more lobbying this year as a follow-up to all the work we’ve been doing since 2011!

Informations on our work is available here:

Donations are also being sought for our overall work & required expenses for the trip here:


Designate your donation for specific costs of the trip – view the budget linked to below!

Donate here for the trip to NAEH13

Donations for the NAEH13 Conference trip may be made here! Please designate your donation if you wish for any specific aspect of the trip in the comments section of the donations page linked to here.

A budget has been prepared & is available below & here for review in another window!

Registration fee is $115 for homeless or formerly homeless “consumers” & we definitely for that criteria! Help with this component of the trip is also being sought – a budget for the whole trip is presented above!

Additional travel plans are being worked out, travel by train from Savannah, GA is anticipated! Travel by car is also possible with expenses for gas needed – stays on the way are taken care of in Richmond VA as a stop-over point (will be able to see my sister & stay with her as well!).

Please contact us at 912.659.0696 or via email at to get more info or ask questions about our efforts or for more details on the trip itself!

You can also fill out this contact form to get in touch with us:

About homelessnessinsavannah

Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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    Attending this conference will help us galvanize support for Housing First in Savannah!

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