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ONE JOB AT A TIME. (From Jesus Was Homeless, Jobs for Life program)

What is a champion and what role does a champion play?

A champion is a volunteer mentor who is willing to enter into a relationship with one of the JfL students in which the champion helps the student reach his/her God-given potential. The champion will encourage the student during the class and maintain that support once the student is employed. Ideally, the champion and the student will develop a lifelong relationship with one another so that each will be blessed by experiencing life’s journey together.

Jobs for Life is so much more than a mentoring program but for us to “Trade Places with the Homeless” & get them on a path to ending their homelessness & towards self sufficiency we must provide opportunities for us to actually engage in the process & not just be bystanders wishing someone else would step up to the plate!

Here’s the handbook from Jobs for Life being used by Jesus Was Homeless for the training of mentors later this week for their implementation of the overall program.

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Advocating for Homelessness Issues in Savannah, GA, so that we can educate, share experiences & generate a Christian understanding of the issues & people who experience, support & attempt to end homelessness in Savannah, GA or anywhere else we can share stories from or about...
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    Are you ready to do your part? Here’s one of our first examples of what we could do to trade places with the homeless & mentor them as they work to find a job, create work for themselves or otherwise build on their God-given talents in order to move themselves out of homelessness & to a point of self sufficiency!

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