We will update this page as our plans & mission are developed in more detail.

We have a vision, we just need to put it in writing for you.

This vision revolves around a major effort to end chronic homelessness in Savannah via a Housing First model.

We are looking at the 100,000 Homes Campaign initiative as it seems to have the best set of plans for actually making this thing happen.

If someone wants to offer a better plan then we’re here to support any effort that solves the problem the way Savannah wants to solve it!

We are working toward “social entrepreneurial” efforts in a L3C focus to get various options off the ground to produce more housing inventory & have specific plans being unveiled as they are developed here!

Stay tuned for developments during the month of March, 2012!

We will also share the L3C model in more detail! It’s geared towards “low-profit” entities that are taking on investments that are delivering “social good” that may be product or service oriented.

So as “social entrepreneurs” & “social enterprises” are developed we will be on the forefront of bringing those opportunities to Savannah!

This blog was setup today (8-6-10) in response to a need to deliver a particular message about a particular event that triggered this approach. We have been around the issues of homelessness for a while now & just got to the point of writing about some of our experiences.

We’re not currently a non-profit although we’ve thought about it some – from people we’ve met around the world through this blog we’re seeing a lot of activity on advocacy as well as providing services, we just focus on Savannah, GA but we look for opportunities to collaborate in this digital world with anyone who can help us all get to the point together where we have ended homelessness as we know it today!

3 Responses to About

  1. I wrote on your page this evening about crochet. After reading that you are looking for digital opportunities, I wanted to let you know that YouTube does have profit and non-profit opportunities if you are not aware of their programs. It may be a great way to raise awareness for your mission.


  2. Rev. Cynthia says:

    Greetings! I have a question about your notice (in the right side bar) about Homelessness Action Week (Oct. 10- 16th). Am wondering who is promoting that? Is it a local or global initiative? My reason for asking is that in the U.S., there is a National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, November 14 -10, 2010: http://www.nationalhomeless.org/projects/awareness/index.html Kindly advise.
    Blessings multiplied,
    Rev. Cynthia

    • Hi Rev. Cynthia – I saw that on the site linked to – it’s a Canadian site, so I think they were posting their intentions & activities they were looking to put together that week but I was challenging Savannah to really go over & above the World Homelessness Day activities & make it a whole week of Action!

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