Don’t Feed the Homeless on St. Patrick’s Day 2013

What do you think about our new “Don’t Feed the Homeless on St. Patrick’s Day” Campaign?

It’s about pan-handling & supporting their addictions on this party day (weekend)!

“Feeding” does not mean no “food for the homeless” on that day! It means don’t “feed their addictions”!

Find a way to take a little time out of your own partying & relate to that homeless person who’s in front of you with a loving perspective on their addictions & their well-being!

English: Street musician in Amsterdam

You’ll likely see some street vendors around Savannah who would love some donations to support their habits! What’s going to be your response? Want more info? Get in touch!

Have opinions? We want to hear them!

Have ideas on how best to roll it out? Partner with us for it!

We’re also creating a Street Card to share with the Homeless on St. Patrick’s Day, a list of resources in the community – if you want to register with us go to our Resources page & fill out the short form at the bottom of the page & read the rest to learn more too!

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Check out the map for the area covered by the ordinance:

4 Responses to Don’t Feed the Homeless on St. Patrick’s Day 2013

  1. Kathy P says:

    While searching the web on practical ways to help the homeless(when I say practical, I mean something hands-on rather than some committee just talking and idealizing) , I came upon this site. It looked sort of abandoned, but then I came across the recent campaign “Do not feed the homeless on St. Patrick’s Day.” After reading the rationale for this campaign, I have to say I was rather disappointed that folks who say they genuinely care about the homeless would “cut them off” for a day in hopes of not feeding an addiction. Is this not another way to judge them?

    My friends used to always harangue me about giving money to “street people,” saying that any money I gave them would just be spent on drugs or alcohol. My stance is that if I give someone a gift, it is up to them to decide what they need the most. If a man has to stave off the DT’s, then that’s okay with me. There are services for addiction and services for the homeless. Let’s help folks who are homeless cope with life on the street, and let the addiction services organizations help them with their addiction.

    • Thanks for your response. I understand completely where you’re coming from as I have met many who share your views online & some in our community too. This campaign is merely to start the discussion locally on what we should be doing on this issue & many more. We are a proponent of Housing First as a model which in fact has been successful in many communities in getting people off the street & being able to address their addictions. The reality is that every community has to come together, at a more than the one person interaction level, with the addiction, panhandling & all those issues that are underneath your comment. Housing First as a model is proven & some have even taken it to the harm reduction level. However, that said, it is up to the individual if they want to keep living by having one more drink to stave off the DTs or look at a longer term approach. Eventually they can kill themselves with the stave off one more DTs approach. There is so much underneath the drinking with issues that cause them to drink – it’s a symptom of other underlying issues in many cases & until they get a connection with someone or something that will help them get beyond their drinking their future is in their hands until panhandling becomes dangerous based on other behaviors associated with getting that next drink. Then it’s not just their next drink at stake it’s the safety of residents, visitors or themselves at stake. Much more could be said but we’ll stop for now! 🙂

  2. LAURIE ARMOUR says:

    Hi Marvin,
    What you are doing is of such a worthy cause. I wish i lived closer. I’d kick off my boots and jump in. If someone would send me a mailing address , i’d love to donate some spare change every now and again.
    Thank you for responding to my prior
    message. Keep doing something that matters so much. VERY BEST, Laurie

  3. kim f, who else? says:

    great idea marvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. those of us who work it know this already but maybe a lot of people didnt. i never enable and wont ever start, it just keeps the vicious cycle moving on.

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