Homeless Person Memorial Service

Working to bring together our own Homeless Person Memorial Service for 2013 in Savannah

We won’t bore you with the details here but…

A Homeless Person Memorial Service was not organized this year by the usual parties so…

This Advocacy, in partnership with connections in the Faith Community in Savannah, is working with the City to insure we do honor & memorialize our fallen brethren this year.

We are also very interested in engaging the broader community in this service for the following reasons:

  • Raise awareness to the fact that homeless citizens are dying on the streets & in our tent cities
  • Bring this community to a point of commitment & re-commitment (in some cases) to changing this dynamic in our community
  • Start the process of a dialog from a point of honor & love for our fallen & lost

Stay tuned for the details but we are hoping for:

  • Access to the Forsyth Park Bandshell for a traditional memorial program
  • Holding a candlelight vigil
  • Having dialog over coffee after the service to establish connections for the purpose of follow-on efforts on the issues of chronic homelessness in our community

We have a theme song in mind & example services from other communities to share here!

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