We have several Projects underway, all can be found by hovering mouse over Projects Tab above!

Our newest project:  Savannah Dickens Project

Connect with The Savannah Area Interfaith Taskforce on Ending Homelessness!

And we’re trying to organize Savannah’s Homeless Persons’ Memorial Service for 2013

Our fallen need to be honored, memorialized & our community needs to recommit our efforts to ending chronic homelessness in Savannah!

Our Main effort is around Housing First Savannah, check out its Blog too!

We were actively engaged in an attempt to get the issue of Housing First as the solution to Ending Chronic Homelessness out to all the candidates for all races last year! We were soliciting their position statements & policy plans (check this blog post for details – answers from the candidates are coming in & are linked to from the post) for this & will update this page as projects develop from that effort!

That effort has gotten us engaged with the City, City Management & the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless (CSAH) in the very active assessment & proposed reforms of that entity.

This effort will likely give our community the chance to engage in the creation of our next Ten Year Plan for Ending Homelessness in Savannah!

We are seeking to insure that all facets of our community have an opportunity to engage meaningfully in the need to be a part of the solutions in this community to end homelessness, all forms of it, including chronic, family, youth, women & children’s homelessness! We need to address all aspects of homelessness including Veterans, prison reentry & the reentry of mental health patients into the community as well!

There are also current efforts to respond to this years CoC Competition! That’s how we get our funds from the Government to address programs on ending homelessness that the CoC is responsible for! If you’re interested in that process we suggest reading the announcement & overview on the USICH website!

Stay tuned!

Come help us, advise us, advocate with us & help network us into the community – we’re out there talking with others already but every little bit of support will help!

We will be listing some of our project ideas here soon though, so come back often!

Thanks for stopping by – contact us using the Contact information to the right on this page please!

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