Savannah Dickens Project

We’ll be providing more information on this page as the project evolves, stay tuned & get involved NOW with the

Savannah Dickens Project!

If you’d like to get involved please fill out the Contact Us form below! More information about how we propose to engage the community using listening sessions & conducting forums on social issues of the highest priority (Roving Listener approach) is provided below! More info is also below on the anticipated activities next year after the tour runs thru December!

Savannah Dickens Project Launches with tour event

Thanks to the Savannah Morning News & Katie for a great article & for the coverage of our launch of the Savannah Dickens Project!

The Tour runs every night of the week except for Sundays at 5:30pm from Chippewa Square – check the booking site for available tour reservations – limits per night are set for tour enjoyment purposes!

Click on the image below to make your reservation! 

Locals will enjoy the tour too as well as your guests from out of town & all will see a special side of Savannah & it’s cultural heritage!

Make sure you read this blog post from Visit Savannah on the tour event:

Experience Victorian Savannah in a Dickens Themed Tour | Savannah Secrets

Please consider making contributions to propel the Savannah Dickens Project forward into next year [activities for next year listed below] (not tax deductible) above the proceeds from your tour experience on our Advocacy Home Page using our PayPal Donate Button!

In the interim we are beginning the project with a light hearted, entertaining experience with the A Charles Dickens Savannah Christmas Walk

An entertaining experience to learn more about Dickens & homelessness, benefiting this Homelessness in Savannah Advocacy & the startup efforts for the Savannah Dickens Project!

An entertaining experience to learn more about Dickens & homelessness, benefiting this Homelessness in Savannah Advocacy & the startup efforts for the Savannah Dickens Project!

Here’s a preview of the tour on YouTube for your enjoyment:

We anticipate the following activities from the Savannah Dickens Project next year:

  • Developing broader approaches to engaging the community on tough issues in productive ways
  • Conducting community listening sessions & forums on addressing homelessness with some new solutions
  • Advocating for entire community engagement on ending homelessness in Savannah
  • Working toward breaking down silos of services & agencies for our homeless
  • Advancing opportunities to save taxpayers money with new solutions not currently being considered
  • Bringing discussions to the forums where innovative housing & services solutions can be better understood & discussed (pros & cons)

Developing stakeholders

We’ve been connected to a great approach to conducting community & neighborhood listening sessions that we’re bringing to the table for consideration by a group of potential partners & stakeholders.

It’s based on the work done as described in the linked video below – we are grateful to the Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy organization & Tom Kohler [one of our mentors & community leaders in addressing advocacy for our often forgotten citizens] for connecting us with this successful approach in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Please watch the video & then connect with us as we explore the dialogs we should be having in our community, whether it’s neighborhood groups or the faith community, in developing their role in working in their neighborhoods on these tough challenges & issues in Savannah!

More info on the Roving Listener!

As a Roving Listener, De’Amon discovers the gifts, passions and dreams of citizens in his community, and finds ways to utilize them in order to build community, economy and mutual “delight.” De’Amon characterizes his work in general as the practice of “deep listening” and “positive deviance” from the typical models of neighborhood organizing.

An article on the Roving Listener & how the approach impacts a churches view of working in their neighborhood is worth the read!

And there’s a profile of DeAmon Harges on the Asset Based Community Development Institute website where the concept was birthed!

Get involved

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