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Does Savannah need a Task Force?: Columbus Local News: Region & News: Dialogue regarding homeless must involve businesses

Dialogue regarding homeless must involve businesses * Task force members also say churches can play a key role in addressing the situation here. This is what we talked about at the DNA meeting (well the business part didn’t get as … Continue reading

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How does your faith tell you to engage?: Does Housing One Hundred Thousand Homeless People Require a Leap of Faith? – Poverty Insights

In some communities there is a church on almost every corner. Church steeples pointing to heaven remind us earth-bound humans struggling with the burdens of life that there is a celestial force out there to help us. For those of … Continue reading

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A call to action & some details on where we stand with WHD (10-10-10)

Just thought I’d update everyone on where we stand for the events we are planning for World Homelessness Day (10-10-10)! It seems that there will be a series of events in November planned by the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness … Continue reading

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