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Homelessness Revealed – our collection of thought provoking images launched on Pinterest

We saw this image today & posted about it, shared it & got inspired to share more of these images when we find them or you share them with us! If you’d like to comment on them please do so … Continue reading

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Seeking help with Homeless Memorial Day event (12/21/10): Anybody out there want to help memorialize our fallen homeless?

Put the call out on Twitter: Need some support 4 a #HomelessMemorial Day event we want 2 do! Anybody out there 2 help? it's 12/21/10 — Homeless Savannah (@homelessinSavh) December 10, 2010   Doing it here now – please contact … Continue reading

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A GREAT Read: Will change your viewpoint about others! Love Without Agenda

We simply cannot say enough about this free ebook! Agendas get us in trouble so much these days – while we have been promoting Project Live Love & LOVE it with its action approach to living our love, this ebook … Continue reading

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Let’s show folks what it’s like to be homeless – this project tries to do that: The Waiverly Projects

The Waiverly Projects All about efforts to change the world, just a little. It all started here (well we can’t put Facebook posts in blog posts yet so we did it with the Twitter thingy that WordPress created for us, … Continue reading

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Anybody want to setup a Homelessness “Booth” @ Picnic in the Park?

Anybody want to setup a Homelessness “Booth” @ Picnic in the Park (Forsyth) Savannah,GA 10-3-10? Our goal here is to establish a beachhead for our World Homelessness Day (WHD on 10-10-10) event @ the Sentient Bean. We have some ideas … Continue reading

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Newsletter: World Homeless Day: Update #1

This came to us from the FB Page for Beat’n Streets – link at bottom – we thought we’d share the news we got from them! World Homeless Day Newsletter Firstly, something to warm the heart and get you inspired … Continue reading

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