Taskforce About Us

We are establishing an organization based on interfaith principles of love & compassion for the homeless, poor & needy.

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We recognize that there are many organizations that serve the needs of the homeless, both in the government & social services sectors as well as the category of the faith community through outreach efforts & street ministries.

We seek to stand in the gap between all of these service providers & bring a new level of services, not relying on government funding but rather our faith sector in conjunction with the rest of the community to stand up & deliver new solutions not possible with the restrictions of the government.

Company Overview

We are establishing an organization based on interfaith principles of love & compassion for the homeless.

We seek to partner with any faith group, denominational or non-denominational, who has a heart for the homeless & their faith calls them to action.

We seek to interact with all faith groups, including those of no faith but with hearts that call them to help the homeless through their situations.


We seek not to enable people to be “comfortable” while homeless, although we believe in meeting basic human needs such as food, clothing, toiletries, tents, tarps etc, we seek to engage in relationships with the homeless, enabling them to be a part of the broader community in which they live, without an address but still as a contributing, meaningful & productive member of society to the extent they are capable & willing.

General Information

We believe that homelessness takes on many forms & exists for many reasons. We seek not to judge but we seek also not to enable people to remain in their situation.

We recognize that we will encounter the needy & the greedy in our walk of faith to be in service as our God calls us & that we are not to judge people for how they react to their own situations & circumstances of life.

We know what our faith has done for us in our own lives & wish to share that with others in their faith walk & journey of becoming better followers of our Lord & higher powers.

Founded January 2013

Products In that light we have our first effort underway to create & deliver a Housing First model of housing & services. That project is represented at http://housingfirstsavannah.com/We will develop a Facebook Group, Page and / or other social connection (Twitter & Blog) capabilities to better address specific personal needs in a confidential manner.

Making a group aware of the needs of our homeless can often provide ideas & solutions that were not possible before with the power of social media to connect those interested in social good.

Our first “product” is our effort to develop a Housing First model in Savannah as represented on  http://housingfirstsavannah.com/ – the Executive Summary available there gives a summary of the solution that continues to evolve.

Become a part of taking our homeless from the street or under-served populations into a vibrant, holistic recovery & renewal process!

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