Savannah Area Interfaith Taskforce on Ending Homelessness

Flyer-1-17-13-event-exploratory-scanWe held an exploratory meeting to discuss the faith community coming together to do more together towards addressing homelessness in Savannah (Developing the Faith Community Response to Homelessness flyer) on January 17, 2013 & are presently in an organizational & formation process.

We are at a point to solicit comments on a proposed list of potential follow-up activities (document embedded below for review & available for comment on Google Drive).


We’ve added an About Us tab above (accessible here) – please comment on this About Us  content here!

Please review the survey document below & comment on it freely on the Google Drive site (click on the comment link).

Connect to let us know how you’d like to be involved for yourself or your organization via the form or other methods listed below this embedded PDF!

If you’d like to hear more or be a part of the process of defining the role of such a taskforce in Savannah or discuss the need for this organization at this point in time in Savannah please:

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